It’s Not All Fun

I love working in a school. It’s a place where a diverse organization can be a lot like a family. I had the opportunity to speak about family at our monthly assembly today. Normally, I love assemblies. We get together and celebrate birthdays, sing our school song, usually one class performs a song they’ve learned in music, listen to a leader speak about leading, and do things that celebrate our learning and accomplishments.

Today we took a bit of time in the assembly to remember two former students who had passed away in the last year. By now they were young men who hadn’t been part of our student body for a few years. We invited their families and dedicated two street signs similar to the ones we have posted around the school highlighting the Leader in Me program.

I fretted over the presentation for a while, and it wasn’t until I sat down at my computer and forced myself to start writing that I began to feel in control. The task became easier because I decided to talk about family and compared it to our school.

The task was not pleasant, but it was satisfying. I think the youngest students understood the analogy, and the parents and family of the students that passed away were moved and very appreciative. 

Families go through tough times. It’s when we stick together and seek to understand each other, that we grow and mature. We grow closer and get better at building each other up. Being a principal isn’t always fun, but it sure can be satisfying.


Darryl Propp


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