Waking up to Learning

Just watching the Keynote from EdScape on Twitter right now. I was checking twitter this morning when I woke up and Eric Sheninger posted the link. Thanks @NMHS_Principal.

So many great ideas shared by Vicki Davis.

Who can I change? ME, and only Me!

We need to be transformers, not transmitters

Teach and Model digital citizenship

Multisensory Learning

Kids are Great BS Detectors

Our children are not numbers!

There were so many great ideas and thoughts. I hadn’t intended to watch this this morning, but when I was checking my Twitter I saw the link and clicked on it, mostly because I wanted to see how the link would open up. Would it be in Twitter or open in a browser? It opened up right in Twitter, and after watching about 20 seconds I was hooked and had to watch the whole thing.

First I am amazed that I was able to connect to a livestream of the keynote, and secondly that I was awake early enough on a Saturday to do that.

This kind of learning needs to be more common with all our teachers. We all have the ability to connect this way, and the only way we can get this to others is to model the impact it has on us. I can change the way I use it in front of others and show them my excitement and growth because of the connections I make in my PLN.

My only problem now is, there is another livestream from the conference coming up right away – I have things to do!!

Here’s to a great start to a Saturday!
Darryl Propp

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