All Hours

After listening to Chris Smeaton talk about Work/Life balance on our Leadership20 webinar today, I did some reflecting on my views about that. I generally get to work about 7:45 and leave between 4:45 and 5:00 (sometimes earlier, of course!) I often take emails and texts, work on my blog, check up on Twitter, do some reading and a few other school related tasks throughout the evening. There are about 3 – 5 evenings per month that are taken up with school related meetings.

On the weekends that I have my kids, I tend to leave school as soon as the buses are gone. On those weekends I avoid school work as much as possible.

I don’t feel that my work/life is out of balance. I have my hobbies – my fish (Koi and goldfish), my garden, and my favourite – photography. I probably spend a bit too much time playing video games, and need to spend more time exercising.

I try to stress to my teachers and support staff to make sure they take time for their families and for themselves. There are times when I try to chase people out of the school earlier than they normally would leave to make sure they get to spend time with family. I also make sure that staff members do NOT miss important family events like graduations, funerals, and children’s concerts. If I believe in work life balance I have to promote with all the staff in my school.

I take time for myself – the balance isn’t perfect, but I’m working at it. I have a lot of roles to fill, but I am always a Principal. Not the most important thing I do, but it’s part of who I am… 24 hours a day!

Darryl Propp

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