Managing School Operations and Resources

When I think about the great things I get to do at school, taking care of budgets, schedules, resources, maintenance, furniture, and the many other things aren’t in my top ten list. I do appreciate how they impact the students and the staff indirectly and directly, but it is the interactions with the students, families and staff that are the core of what makes my job great!

It’s the days when this standard takes up most of my time that are the most frustrating and usually feel the least productive. When these things are well managed, however, there is more time for the GOOD stuff I do!

I feel I have effectively met this criteria by doing the following:

  • Used our school budget to ensure a safe environment, while also being able to effectively support learning initiatives within our school. This includes staffing, resource allocation, scheduling, evergreening of furniture – technology -music, grant money allocations, dollars from parent fundraising, donations, overseeing staff funds and amenities, school initiatives….. and the list goes on!
  • Have redesigned the Gathering Area as well as other areas to make the focus more student and parent oriented.  This has received several compliments for the relaxed open feeling. Students have referred to the area as the school living room.
  • Developed a staff professional development program that uses the expertise of our entire school community, while also being able to effectively redirect budget allocations to other areas in our school. AISI PD dollars are being used to allow for Staff Collaboration.
  • Purchasing and implementing iPad use in the school
  • Oversee and train staff in the new fob security system
  • Allocate resources and Guide staff in the implementation of new technology

Document Cameras


Study Island online learning and assessment tool (used for 2010 – 2012))

Reading Eggs

Xbox and Kinect


and this blog

  • Working with the Town of Bon Accord and Town of Gibbons to set up and support the Out of School Care program hosted in our school.

The important piece to keep in mind is that all of these things do support the teaching and learning that happens in our school. Proper allocation of resources is important to ensuring the best possible program.

Darryl Propp

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