Challenge Accepted

How would you make the education system better? In other words, what would you change about education?

Jan Simson, in his blog entry  has posed the above question. WOW! That’s not an easy one. 

Here’s my top 10, in no particular order…

  1. More focus on learning and less on traditional assessments.
  2. Teacher training to be more focused on being in classrooms with students, not in classrooms as students.
  3. Teachers have more PROFESSIONAL autonomy – the ability to make decisions about what is best for students.
  4. Individualized programs for students, and support for teachers to do this.
  5. More reliance on the wisdom of the group – we know what works, and need time to share with each other.
  6. Less Government control of curriculum – all parts of it!
  7. Private recognition for stakeholders – not awards or public recognition of those with better opportunity.
  8. Funding for integration, special needs students, counseling, early intervention….
  9. Hands on Learning
  10. Learning as a continuum, not as distinct grade levels and groups – this is a factory model – we are developing individuals, not sets of people.

I know I’ve missed a lot – but that’s my two cents worth for now.
Darryl Propp




  1. jlkuhns

    As a fellow principal I agree with a good bit of what you wrote. My frustration is that as principals we have taken the challenge of leading only to be taken out at the knees. Everyday the amount of autonomy we have is diminished by a state or federal mandate – much like your #2. It is increasingly difficult to be a change agent in public education from the principal’s desk. As with Jan, I am a big fan of 4 and 5.

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