When I’m not there…

So, I was away from school the last two days. I’m pretty sure the school did not fall apart without me. In fact, I didn’t worry about it at all. I know there will be things for me to catch up on tomorrow. I did check my email quite a bit, and answered a few of the emails.

I have worked over the last few years to build leaders in the school. Finding positions for people to take leadership in, like literacy, AISI, Division projects, music,… Lots of Ways! I think one of the best testaments to our leadership, is that others can step in for us when we are not there. If an organization can’t function without the leader being there – something is wrong.

Our division has a two year  leadership cohort, not just to nurture future administrators; but to nurture leaders in many capacities. I have had 5 staff enrolled in this over the last two terms. This is almost half our teaching staff!

People want opportunities to show what they can do, and most want to grow in their skills. Our job is to nurture the potential in everyone in our school – students and staff AND parents. I do not have this all figured out yet, but I know it’s important, and I will continue to work on it.

I love doing what I do, but I am so glad that things roll along without me.

 Darryl Propp

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