How Twitter Changed Everything

I have alluded to the difference Twitter has made to my professional growth before. I thought I would take time to write a blog that strictly addresses what it has done for me.

First of all, it has connected me with a group of people who either think along the same lines as I do, or urge me to think about things in a new way. I am no longer just a single principal in a small Alberta School Division; I am now part of a worldwide group of administrators who are examining their practice and learning together.

Twitter has connected me with other resources that I may not have had exposure to. Recently Eric Sheninger posted a link to a session being held at his school that was being streamed live. It was a great opportunity to watch a very good speaker present in a remote location, that I would not have had access to otherwise. It is also through Twitter that I connected with the Leadership20 Webinar series organized by George Couros. These are only two of the powerful examples of resources that I would not have had access to without Twitter.

One of the most amazing things that has come from Twitter is the encouragement to rethink personal blogging. I have had blogs in the past that have served different purposes. Having a blog that is used for reflection and providing evidence of my own learning and practice has proved to be powerful! I have also connected to the blogs of other leaders who write and reflect on the same struggles and learnings that I spend my days dealing with.

Twitter has also shown me the ease with which Professional Development can happen. When a group of people put their minds together, a lot can happen. By sharing learning and questioning your own and others’ practice, growth is a likely outcome. I have heard it said, on Twitter and in other places, “The smartest person in the room, is the room”. Twitter is like one big room where we learn from and with each other.

I have a lot to learn, and would say that Twitter has been one of the most powerful tools for learning and growth as a principal and as a professional.

Darryl Propp


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  2. mkerin

    Exactly Darryl, I have been thinking along similar lines. Twitter is the single greatest thing to happen to my professional development this year. A link to a video or article and I have some more thoughts to mull over. It is coming from the best minds who are using the web 2.0 tools in learning and teaching and it comes quickly. Every day there is something new to improve my teaching and learning. Through it I also found Eric Sheninger, George Couros and Leadership 2.0.

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  6. Neel

    Thank you, Darryl, for articulating thoughts which were nascent on my mind. I started off with Twitter hesitantly – and now when I look back on the ten months that I’ve had access to a group of the finest minds in education, I realize what a foundation their thinking has given me – not only creating standards, but also helping me revisit my own vision of what schools should be like. Keep tweeting!

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  10. dakinteacher

    Your examples show the power of networking and the possibilities sites like Twitter give teachers everywhere.

  11. NovaNews

    It’s great to read your reflection Darryl. Perhaps one of the most powerful offshoots of Twitter, is its ability to ‘level’ us all. Factors such as years of experience, position held, status and public standing just melts away when we all connect on Twitter. Learning from each other is so very powerful. I too use my blog as a reflection of my learning journey and revel in the awareness that learning is a lifelong journey.

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