Why Would You Want To Be the Green Lantern?

I am unabashedly a nerd. I fully admit that. My favourite Superhero is the Green Lantern. I’m not sure why, maybe because I like green. Maybe it would be cool to have the power of the Green Lantern. Nevertheless, he’s my favourite.

The key personality trait of the Green Lanterns (there are many of them) is fearlessness. All Green Lanterns harness the power of Will and share a lack of fear. He tackles just about anything head on with the power of his Green Lantern Ring.

I don’t think that describes me. And I am not sure that it should. There are things we should be afraid of… Here’s a short list off the top of my head.Ā 

  1. Spiders!
  2. Zombies (especially the quick ones)
  3. Losing my wallet and or keys
  4. Plane Crashes
  5. Identity theft
  6. Singing a solo

I am sure there’s a lot more if I took time to think.

There is a lot of fear in education right now. But there are some things I don’ t think we need to be afraid of.

  1. Rethinking how we teach
  2. Trying something new
  3. Technology
  4. Opening the door of our classroom and going into other people’s classrooms
  5. Making mistakes
  6. Talking about what we are afraid of

As a staff, we are struggling with some of these fears. There are those who fear everything on the list and those who fear none of them. My job is to encourage people to move to a place where they are willing to take risks and to learn. Reflecting on how to do that best is part of this job. Twitter and reading others blogs certainly helps.

Green Lantern can teach us a few things about being fearless, but we need to be very mindful of why we fear things and what to do about those fears.

Darryl Propp


  1. Maureen Schlemko

    Hey Darryl!

    Great post! Fear is definitely a huge barrier for people and it is so difficult to overcome. I would add snakes to that list. Social media has helped me as a leader overcome some fears about technology in education because I was able to see what was possible and the ideas/strategies that made it work. I can help you with spiders… Maybe you can help me with snakes! šŸ™‚

  2. mrsdechaine

    Ummm, I think this staff member needs a green lantern ring…. Lol …. good post Darryl and reassuring to me in a week where I wasn’t so fearless. And in a week where the pressure I put on myself to rise to the the perceived expectations of others and to meet my own self-imposed and very unrealistic expectations got the better of me and yet I couldn’t communicate that to a single soul or find a way to let those expectations go – out of fear. So glad I got over that! For now… šŸ™‚

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