Family 2.0

So, my schedule last week was interrupted for a family funeral.  One of my uncles passed away, and in the midst of having a cold, remembering the passing of my parents (I found out about his passing the day after the 10th anniversary of my Mom’s passing) and the busyness of report card time I received the news. It was a funeral I had to attend, and so I took a couple of days to head to a little town 9 1/2 hours away.

(Not my Family!)

Lots of driving, but I was glad I went. I reconnected with family members I hadn’t seen in a while, and I even met some I had never met! We all agreed we have to get together at other times, not just funerals. I am trying to coordinate a plan for the summer where we can all meet somewhere for a weekend.

One of the things we did was to exchange emails, Cell numbers, and talked about using Skype. There is no reason why we can’t be connected in one way or another. My 80 Year old aunt was revising her email list so she could make sure she was able to stay in contact with everyone.  She didn’t fear the technology and was embracing it. She was also scanning all the family photos to make DVD slideshows to distribute to all family members.

There were very few people who didn’t have access to technology that could connect us. I only knew of one person who didn’t have a cell phone.  It isn’t just the young people.

Social Media doesn’t separate people. We can connect with most people in ways that we couldn’t before. As a family we have more ways to connect than ever. The limitation has to be that we need to ensure the technology doesn’t replace opportunity for face-to-face connections.  I know we all still want to get together, we just don’t have to wait for funerals to allow that to happen!

Darryl Propp


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