Other People Have Great Ideas!

In our last Leadership20 webinar, one of the presenters mentioned her principal learning to juggle and showing her progress at assemblies. I thought this was a great idea. The idea of taking on a new project, setting goals, practicing, and developing a new skill seemed to be a great process to model, and it fits in perfectly with our Leader in Me Program and with our school vision of “Lifelong Learners”

So, at our December assembly we kicked off Mr. Propp’s learning journey of becoming a juggler! (I do know how to juggle a little)

I will be demonstrating my improvement at each of the upcoming assemblies this year, and want to use it as an opportunity to discuss how I have to set goals, practice and assess my growth.

The students loved seeing me attempt it this morning, and were excited to be tasked with helping me monitor my progress. I can assure you, I will not join the circus someday as I mentioned to the students, but one never knows when one might be called upon to demonstrate this kind of skill!!

Darryl Propp



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