Evolution of a Blogging Portfolio

I am presenting a session at our Division‘s PD tomorrow 0n personal blogging for teachers and administrators. It is part of a panel presentation on Social Media in Schools. I only have about 20 minutes, but have about 90 minutes of materials prepared. I still have to pare it down to the bare essentials. Fortunately, I have the presentation in a GOogle Doc that those attending will be able to access afterwards. A BIG thanks to George Couros for providing me with his information on the topic – it has helped me a lot.

I think my main approach is going to follow my progress from microblogging (Twitter) to the Portfolio Blog I currently use. The progression and thoughts around the process I underwent is as follows

  1. Twitter is a microblogging tool – a great step to blogging as a reflective tool
    1. The most important piece in utilizing Twitter as a PD tool is in who you follow
    2. Follow people who post links to blogs, articles, and videos
    3. Don’t be afraid to just lurk at first
    4. If you aren’t sure what to Tweet, start by Retweeting
  2. Move on to tweeting your thoughts about different topics
  3. Twitter will suggest followers for you
    1. Like every other social media site, there will be spam (But I have found VERY little of this on Twitter)
  4. Your PLN should begin to develop (Personal Learning Network)
    1. A PLN is primarily the impetus to grow as a learner
  5. As you follow blogs and tweets, make comments, and don’t be afraid to disagreeGrowth
  6. Start a blog for you class/school
    1. I have had blogs on school information, My schedule and blogs I only share with teachers.
    2. I have seen blogs used very effectively as a planning/learning tool – even to provide sub plans for the class when the teacher is away (This works VERY well)
  7. Start using a Blog as a Reflective tool
    1. Model reflection for students
    2. Will initiate deeper thinking for yourself
  8. A blog as a portfolio is a natural development from reflection to goal setting and providing evidence of growth.
  9. There is no reason a blog CANNOT be used as a Professional Growth Plan – I would argue it is probably the most dynamic version of the PGP I have experienced. There is constant evidence and reflection of growth.

This is my journey. I am extremely happy with what I have gained from using a blog as a portfolio/Professional Development tool. I see no reason to not continue this practice, and to encourage it in interested staff as well.

Darryl Propp

One comment

  1. Matthew Santucci

    Very true, Darryl. I too have started blogging with my class last year, as well as a personal blog for my own personal reflection. This year I have suggested that my staff start blogging with their class, and if the feel up to it. It is true that it is a great tool for professional development. I too will be continuing my journey.

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