Being Open to Change

Not many people like change. They fear it and are comfortable with things the way they are. I am fortunate to work in a school division where many people are positive toward change and will take time to look at what might be best for the students. Not everyone is always on board, but I do think we are getting way better at listening to the voice of all stakeholders and moving carefully in a direction that we feel will benefit our students.4518528819_d93d0630c4

One of my personal observations is that people who take on a change, don’t always eagerly embrace letting go of the change  if they realize it’s not working. Especially if the realization occurs soon into the change process. However, the ability to continually assess the value of the projects or initiatives they are part of is essential.

At our latest admin council we had opportunity to discuss some of our recent initiatives. First of all, it’s great that we have open and honest discussions around how things are going. We have opportunity to express what we think is working, and what isn’t going as well. Not everyone gets their way, of course, but if people know they are heard, they usually can live with the decisions that are made.  We made some decisions to continue some things and decisions to end some things. No one can say though, that these decisions were made without consultation.

We can’t over-poll people about their feelings about everything  and we can’t bring every little decision that needs to be made to a committee, but there is wisdom in the group. People need to be heard and we need to be people that are always working toward what is best for our schools and our organizations.

D Propp

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