Moving Forward

I will have the honour of a new Vice Principal in the fall. He has been a VP for 5 years now and has a lot of experience in inclusion and behaviour. I look forward to learning from him and his assistance in moving the school forward. He previously taught at this school so a number of staff know him quite well.

We have gained a lot of ground in the last few years. Our school is far from perfect, but I do know it’s a place where most people like to be. We make it welcoming and are getting better at being student centred. Almost everyone comments on the good feeling they get when the come into the building.

The opportunity now is to share the vision I have for the school. That vision is about continuing our journey to:

  1. make all our decisions based on our mission and vision.
  2. remember that our job is to train students for the realities of the present and the future.
  3. connect with the community
  4. develop the leadership potential in our students, ourselves and our community.


We are well on our way to realizing this. Adding a new person into the mix has to be viewed as a new and exciting opportunity  I firmly believe that if we keep our vision, and communicate that to all stakeholders, we will move on to an exciting place in the future.

How fantastic is that?

D Propp

(photo via Flickr Creative Commons)

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