Another School Year and Setting Goals.

Well, we are just days away from another school year. Today was spent meeting with the staff and small groups to set up programs and plan for the great things we do to make this a wonderful place for learning. Our numbers are holding steady, and hopefully we get a few more registrations before or on September 3rd, when the students roll in. I look forward to meeting the students from last year and all the new faces. I look forward to learning from them and from my network of leaders. I look forward to blogging about my learning again and using my blog as my professional growth plan. It’s going to be a great year.

We had opportunity today to revisit some commitments we made last year to the quality and practice around math in our school. Today we talked about ways we can measure our achievement of the commitments we made. It’s no value to make goals and have no way of measuring them. We had talked about three things that we were going to commit to, but we decided to only look for  measure to two of them at this point, the third will come later.

Tomorrow we will be revisiting some goals we made around school culture. We have a very good culture at our school, but unless it is worked on, it can’t move forward or even be maintained. We are going to use the same process and talk about how we will measure the achievement of the commitments we have made.

Goals are important, but setting lofty goals won’t help anyone unless there’s a way to measure progress and recognize the achievement. I appreciate the effort the staff has put into place in these areas, and look forward to another great year at Bon Accord Community School. (GO BEARS!!)



D Propp





photo from Flickr Creative Commons

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