A Culture of Improving Culture

One of the things we have been challenged by David Irvine at our beginning school was to work at improving the culture at our schools. It was an opportunity to spend some time thinking about what culture means and how we can go about making sure our schools are places that have a positive, welcoming culture.

My first reaction to this was, “We have a great culture at our school. Why would it need improvement?” However, upon reflection, two points come to mind.

  1. Culture, like so many other things, needs to be worked on. If you’re not putting time and energy into it, it won’t go anywhere.
  2. Culture isn’t just the way people talk to each other.

People who walk into our school often comment on how they are welcomed and can detect a good vibe in the school.  Our teachers generally get along with each other and are open to parent communication. The school is always clean and colourful. People who come into the office are greeted with a smile and are listened to.

Prior to the presentation on culture I didn’t think about the need to work on improving culture. In my mind, it just happened because of the people that were part of it. We have a great culture because we have now, and have traditionally had great people. But, after contemplating it for a while I know there were things that were going on well before I came to this school that contributed to it awesomeness.

Discussions around how we make our building open and accessible to the community have been going on for years. Our school (Bon Accord Community School) is named from the historical move to making some schools in Alberta, community schools. The idea was that the school would become a community hub; and grants were provided to support events and opportunities that tied the two together. It is my belief that the community focus of our school has contributed greatly to the open and welcoming atmosphere we continue to value. Throughout the years, staff have consciously talked about ways to maintain that. I am just starting my sixth year at the school and those discussions have occurred every year.

Our Meet the Staff Night is attended by a large portion of our community as we serve pasta and sauce every year. The gym is crowded for this event and we try to give each family a taste of what we try to do at our school. Our annual Christmas Concert is a highlight of the year for many people in our community. We have had to go to a system of reserving seats for the concert as we have in excess of 500 community members wanting to attend. Our gym capacity is less than this, so we have to also limit the number of tickets any family can access.  BonaccordLogo

As a Seven Habits School we rethought our Mission and Vision.  One component of our vision is “strengthening our community’. We take that aspect of our vision very seriously. We are training leaders that. right now , and in the future will link our school to the community. Being a Seven Habits School has helped us to consciously focus on what our students think of themselves and others. It has made staff consider the language we use and stressed the importance of goal setting to improve who we are as adults and children.

Our school division recently updated its Mission, Vision and Values. Four of the six values easily tie into the importance of community.

  1. Shared Responsibility
  2. Belonging
  3. Mutual Respect
  4. Communication

Each of them can speak to what we feel is important in the school as well as the greater community.

I look forward to digging deeper into what these values mean to myself and to my school as we move forward in fostering a culture that makes us a warm, welcoming environment for staff, students, parents and the entire community.

Darryl Propp

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