Let’s Get Intentional….

So, just typing the title of my post made me think back to my first year of university when I was MUCH younger and this was a smash hit! With a little reflection however, the video actually fits the theme.

I have been thinking a bit about the difference between being intentional in how we do things and just having things occur incidentally. Don’t get me wrong, I work at a great school, with great people and a LOT of wonderful things happen here just incidentally because of that. Our students generally do quite well, and we are good at responding to those that struggle. We have very few behaviour issues that occur and a lot of that is because we are naturally a caring place. However there are many, many things that happen because we are intentional about it.

We are a Leader in Me School, so we work on the Seven Habits of Happy Kids with our students. We are getting better at implementing the program and bringing the kids along on that journey, but we have figured out that we need to have goals and work toward them to make the best possible version of the program happen. When we have seen the program flounder is when we have lost sight of the goal and need to remind ourselves to get back on track, and to set goal for our entire school that keep us focused.

One of our (My) goals for this year is to increase the parent awareness and involvement in the Leader in Me program. It is part of one of my Professional Growth Plan goals, and I have spent some time thinking about this piece lately. Right now, a lot of what our parents know has happened through being present at assemblies, what has been written in newsletters, but mostly it comes from what they hear from their children.

The main importance of being intentional is that we have a lot more control over the outcome of our actions. We set a goal, we plan how and when that goal will be achieved, and we implement our plan. Then with a little accountability from the stakeholders, we move forward expecting the desired result. It’s quite simple, actually.

Just like getting in shape (here’s my roundabout connection to ONJ!) being intentional happens when we put in effort and occurs a lot easier if we have a goal and work towards it.

Let’s get intentional, intentional
I wanna get intentional
Let’s get into intentional
Let me hear your action plan, your action plan
Let me hear your action plan….

D Propp

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