BACS First Identity Day

It’s been a while since we held the event. I have referred to it since it has been completed, but it was pointed  out to me that I had never blogged about the actual day.

It took a bit of work to organize, but we are very glad we decided to implement this event. The students loved the opportunity to present themselves to the ‘world’! Most displays were student created, as was the expectation. Students were also very happy to talk about their displays to other students, staff members, parents and community members.

The day is a very powerful way to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. We had great participation from all staff, and every student present had some sort of display. We conducted a survey after the day and found a lot of support, and received a few suggestions as to how to improve it. We will likely be doing one every other year.

We had a lot of help from Chris Wejr and the resources he provided. A big thank you to him and his (now former) school for their assistance!

D Propp

Identity Day1 Identity Day11

another Saskatchewan Fan!

another Saskatchewan Fan!

Identity Day24

Identity Day52 Identity Day59 Identity Day68 Identity Day75 Identity Day82 Identity Day102

Of course my board was about all things green!

Of course my board was about all things green!

Identity Day131 Identity Day144IMG_1208 IMG_1214 IMG_1223 IMG_1227 IMG_1229

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