It’s so hard to believe that the Christmas break is only a few hours away! The last few weeks have been very busy and exciting at school. We’ve had many staff trudge to school fighting various illnesses, students hanging from the ceiling with excitement and many parties and events to coordinate. It’s been exciting and exhausting.

In my first four months at my new school, I have learned a lot, and more importantly, reaffirmed I still have lots to learn. I’ve made some big mistakes, and received a few words of encouragement. I’ve had to deal with some difficult situations, and have come to have a lot of respect for my new colleagues.

In spite of all the great things, I am still very happy that we have a break coming up. We all need an opportunity to relax and recharge our internal batteries. I look forward to time with my children and family. I look forward to playing video games until late at night! I look forward to wearing my pyjamas until I need to go out of the house.

I hope all my colleagues in education have opportunity to do nothing for a while. Have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday/Restful Break!!

D Propp

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