Professional Growth Plan (18/19)

Blogging as Reflection.

Using an ongoing reflective tool like a blog helps to make a PGP a living document. it makes it an evidence based process, not a file that is referred to when reminded to do so. All of my blog entries are tied to the Principal Quality Standards.


Professional Goal: The principal builds trust and fosters positive working relationships, on the basis of appropriate values and ethical foundations, within the school community — students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council and others who have an interest in the school. The Principal:

  1. Uses effective communication, facilitation, and problem-solving skills
  2. Supports processes for improving relationships and dealing with conflict within the school community


  1. Ensure timely an effective communication with parents, especially our parent council regarding new or modified programs, timetables, meetings, opportunities, etc.
  2. Ensure information is communicated in multiple ways
    1. Facebook, Email, Paper copies in agenda if necessary.
  3. Streamline communication to ensure families aren’t receiving multiple copies of the same items
  4.  Be available for parents who want to meet.
  5. Regular meetings with the Parent Council Chair and Fundraising Chair (in addition to monthly meetings)
  6. Ensure documents on the school website are updated and easy to access.


  1. Feedback from Parent Council as to the effectiveness of communication
  2. Reduction in phone calls and emails asking for information that has already been provided.

Admin Team Goal:  Leading a Learning Community: As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Principal Quality Standard, a principal that leads a learning community nurtures and sustains a school culture that values and supports learning.” 

  1. Improve our skills in collecting, analyzing and using data
  2. Assist the staff in the job of being teacher researchers


  1. PLC time is allotted on our monthly PD Days
  2. PLC groups meet at other times including our weekly Meetings (At this point they are weekly)
  3. Train staff in the necessity of data collection to drive the decision making process.
  4. Use Data to guide PLC decisions and to encourage teams to take risks
  5. Allot time for teachers to observe in other classrooms. Encourage teachers to take these opportunities


  1. PLC Feedback forms – are they thoughtfully completed?
  2. Have teachers taken risks? This will be evidenced by feedback on PLC forms and in PGP discussions. Are PLC goals related directly to Student Achievement?
  3. Have I met with PLC teams to discuss learnings and risks that have taken place?
  4. Are teachers becoming data gatherers? Are teachers viewing themselves as researchers?

Professional Development

  1. School Based PD
  2. School Based PLCs
  3. Classroom Visits
  4. ERLC PD



Darryl Propp


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  2. dpropp

    Well, it’s May! Progress has been made. We have about 6 more weeks to get everything done and call it another year.
    How have I done on the goals I set for myself?
    On the first goal, there has been good progress in some areas, and less progress in others. Staff meetings are busy times, and not every staff meeting has had a critical thinking activity involved. What has happened at times, is that I have had other staff members who have presented, and with a little input from myself, have incorporated critical thinking into their presentations. Other times we have had to forgo a critical thinking component. (However, if you really think about it, most of staff meeting involves critical thinking!)
    I have been diligent in forwarding and discussing thought provoking and discussion provoking information to staff. The frequency of this, as well, has depended on the busy-ness of the day, but it has occurred
    I strive to be in every classroom for a few minutes every day, and do try to stop more often to really observe what’s going on. This has helped me to get to know teachers and teaching styles better. I spent quite a bit of time in one classroom at the beginning of the year and have really come to appreciate the value of gathering information to have a clear picture of what is going on in a classroom.
    As I mentioned in my post, The Leader Provides the Time, I talk about the value placed on collaboration and Planning time for teachers. We have focused a lot of our PD time around Literacy. As well a large portion of our staff attended the Leader in Me Symposium in Edmonton in April.

    As far as communication with parents, we have done quite well with this. Facebook has proven to be the best tool to get messages out to parents, but in discussion with parents, MANY rely on the parent portal for information as well. The school newsletter and school sign, seem to be less people. We will continue to use the sign, as it really highlights the things we are doing with the community, but are going to rethink the monthly newsletter. If it isn’t being used, why do we spend hours working on it?
    There have been a few lessons along the way in improving communication. We have to make sure the right people are in the know about things going on, esp our front office staff; and we have to ensure that all notes going home from our parent groups go through the office first.

    We are looking at reconfiguring a few things for next year with Leader in Me to increase parent involvement and participation with the program. One of our next big challenges in that area is to bring more parents on board.

    I will try to update again at the end of the school year, as we continue to make progress.

    Darryl Propp

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  5. dpropp

    I am nearly done my 14/15 Professional Growth Plan meetings with the teachers, and after having conversations with them My role as instructional leader for this year has become clear I need to
    1. Research and develop a better understanding of what student engagement looks like
    2. Determine how to increase engagement where necessary.

  6. dpropp

    2015/2016 Reflection

    The year is coming to an end! Not everything is settled for next year. There is a bit of staffing to do. We’re still hoping for some more enrolments (but we’ll be okay with the number we’re at now), we’ve got a tonne of field trips to get through, as well as awards day, grade 4 celebration, and final assessments on all the students, just to list a few.
    Then there’s summer break!!! YAY

    I’ve also got a few decisions to make for myself. More on that later!

    I think in many ways I’ve made a lot of growth this year. I’ve challenged myself to be more ‘in front’ in conversations about moving forward, as well as presenting to groups of people. I’ve never really had difficulty standing up in front of people, but presenting my ideas or things I’ve learned hasn’t been as easy. Part of it is telling myself that I do have something important to say, and to offer to people. The highlight for this was being asked to present at a Discovery Education evening. I was asked to share a topic of my choice, and I shared how my own journey of finding a passion for photography has helped me understand the journey we need to take students on as they go through our schools. Although my proposal to present at ULead wasn’t accepted, I felt this was a great, and probably less stressful opportunity.

    The other goal I had was around data collection. That goal became a lot easier to access when our PLC group of school administrators in the division took on data collection and analysis as a project for this year. Through that, we’ve been able to mindfully set a guiding question for our work around Guided Math. We have worked with staff on collecting data around the work they are doing with their own professional growth plans and with their PLCs. Currently we are in the final stages of gathering data for this year.

    It’s been a busy year. I’ve grown a lot, and I think I’ve done very well on these two goals.
    Onward and upward!

    D Propp

  7. dpropp

    2017 Reflection
    Again, another year has flown by! We have just over a month left of school. This year has included a new VP, a lot of learning in many areas, and a few challenges.
    I’m at a point in my career where the end is starting to come into view. I have 5 more years until I reach that magic number of 85. But really, I’m not sure what the next 5 years will hold. Do I want to do something different for the last few years? I wouldn’t mind, but a change always means new learning and new ways of thinking. I’ve always been up for that. I don’t think I’m getting too old to keep doing that.
    My first goal for this year was around balanced literacy and guided reading. I have learned a lot in both these areas. I attended PD on guided reading, and I have had opportunity to observe some amazing teachers present guided reading in their classes. I’ve attended some PD in the school on guided reading and writing and the components of Balanced Literacy. I’ve been involved in our Admin PLC group which was focused on increasing student achievement by ensuring teachers are properly trained and effectively implementing Balanced Literacy in their classrooms.
    I feel the work done in this area, and my improved knowledge has helped me to better understand how Balanced Literacy and Guided Reading work in the classroom, and increased my ability to have conversations around the topic with teachers whom I am supervising.
    My second goal was partly successful. Again, with the work of our Admin PLC, we were provided professional development in the area of research and data gathering. Our team did, in my opinion, a very good job of setting up our research goals, process and ultimately our data gathering this year. We were able to measure progress based on pre and post surveys, and discussions with teachers.
    I do feel that the second part of the goal still needs work. I don’t think that our teachers are thinking of themselves as teacher researchers yet. They are doing a lot of things to continually gather data, but the processes aren’t in place strongly enough to give them confidence that they are actually researching.
    This part of the goal will continue as our admin PLC and school PLC groups continue to move forwardas researchers in our never ending goal of making our school a place of learning for staff and students alike.

    D Propp

  8. dpropp

    I guess I didn’t get around to reflecting on my PGP at the end of the last school year. The last two months of 2017/2018 could only be described as crazy. We had a couple of major incidents that took up a lot of time and energy. It’s amazing how a few incidents can occupy months of your time.
    This was a tough year. I ended up looking at what retirement might look like if I were to decide to do that at the end of the school year. After meeting with a pension consultant, it was determined that retirement now wasn’t an option. But it could happen in a few years.
    The meeting actually changed my perspective though. It made an ‘end’ visible. I don’t ever want to wish my life away, but it’s easier to get through the tough times when you know there is an end date.
    Every year has it’s challenges, but I learn and I grow. I challenge myself to get better at what I do. I found out that I can handle some really tough situations and come out on top!
    I had a great summer and I’m finding things on the personal front are just getting better.
    So, I’m sorry for the late written reflection, but believe me – there were lots of hours spent on reflection even if it didn’t make it onto the blog!

    D Propp

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