Providing Instructional Leadership

This is an area I am working on being very intentional about. Over the last few years it has been a focus of my Professional Growth Plan

I am providing Instructional Leadership by:

  • I have spent time building my own Personal Learning Network (PLN). This has mainly occurred through the use of Social Media which has helped with the learning of our entire staff.  Through the use of Twitter and my own personal blogs (there have been a few iterations over the years), I have had many opportunities to share and learn from others all over the world.  This has given me the opportunity to share learning with my staff, while also empowering others to build their own PLN’s.
  • Three years I began working on my own blog/portfolio site to understand the benefits and implications of this type of learning for our students and staff.  I found the process to be extremely powerful as a reflective tool.
  • Encourage staff in the areas of critical and creative thinking, including using Google Docs and Google apps to assist in program implementation for students
  • Continuously share information through email with links and important readings.
  • Showing the value of Collaboration time by scheduling it into our monthly Staff Meeting/PD days.
  • Leading discussions around pertinent educational topics like Literacy, Critical Thinking, Use of Technology, Online Learning, etc.
  • I thoughtfully aim to set a tone in the school that supports continual professional learning.
  • Through the use of Professional Growth Plans, I take steps to engage with individual teachers and with PLC groups about their own growth.
  • As Instructional Leader I make it a point to know the great instruction going on in my school. I visit classrooms frequently and observe and subsequently share the great things I see going on. Teachers are encouraged through Collaboration Time to discuss and develop best practices.
  • This year I am challenging myself and my staff to become researchers. We need to use data to inform and guide us as we move forward in this important work.

Darryl Propp


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