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What’s the Worst that can Happen?

One of the Alberta Principal Quality Standards is, “Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context”. It would seem to me that the onus is on every principal in Alberta whether in a Public or Catholic school, to spend time considering the impact of GSAs in our schools. I have been following the debate since the beginning have been baffled by some of the dialogue (but usually monologue) that has been happening.

What do people think would be the outcome of a HS or middle school establishing a GSA? The only negative impact from that could be some constituents complaining? What else is there to fear? Really?

Are we afraid of students having a voice? Of them feeling supported? What?

I would really like someone to respond to this and inform me, so I can Understand the Larger Societal Context and respond appropriately.




On Friday night, I had the great fortune to attend the Wainwright Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards GALA! I wouldn’t normally attend this, but my daughter, who is in grade 12, was nominated for the “Inspiring Youth of the Year”.

Kristin has been passionate about the work of Operation Christmas Child for a long time, and has coordinated the program at Wainwright High School for many years. She has also applied and been accepted to go to Uruguay in January to help deliver and hand out Christmas boxes to children there. Kristin will also be Skyping into the grade three and four classes at my school to talk to them about the program, offer advice, and talk about her upcoming trip.

It is so rewarding, as a parent, to see your children demonstrating those characteristics we wish for in all the students we work with. She is compassionate, willing to share of her time and talents, passionate about a cause, and globally aware. As a Leader in Me school, we work to have those qualities displayed in our students as leaders.

At the same event, my son in grade seven, of his own volition approached the MLA for Wainwright/Stettler (Doug Griffiths) and engaged him in conversation about some political items and his own plans for his future. Mr. Griffiths was very impressed with Evan and gave him his Mace Pin. One mace pin is given to each MLA every time they are elected to serve in the Legislature. This is Mr. Griffith’s fourth term. He had given one to each of his own children, kept one for himself, and gave one to Evan. He said he was very impressed with Evan and the quality of his conversation and confidence.

In both cases, my children showed initiative and leadership. They are willing to go out of their comfort zone to make things happen. As a parent, we know that we have had a small part in this process, and can be proud of the growth our children show.

Darryl Propp