Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context

Society is constantly changing. We have to be not only cognizant of the changes happening, but poised to respond to those changes. As technology moves along at an incredible pace, our schools have to be trying to predict an uncertain future and prepare students to be ready for whatever that future holds.

Parents’ expectations are changing but at the same time, many parents are expecting school to look exactly like school they attended. We would be remiss to exclude the opportunity we have to educate the parents about what current educational practice looks like.

I felt I have met the criteria by doing the following:

  • I consciously work to give students an opportunity to use technology in a safe and meaningful way. Teachers are encouraged to use and model proper technology use.
  • Administer division programs such as PowerSchool, Headstart, Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Collaborative Problem Solving.
  • Work with the town of Gibbons to meet the requirements of the joint-use agreement.
  • I serve on the ATA Issues for Administrators as one of the Administrator representatives.
  • I believe in constant growth and research around what other schools and leaders are doing to respond to what is changing in our society and with our students.

7 Skills students need for their future

There are a lot of resources to help spur thinking about the Greater Societal Context. I consider myself to be a Connected Principal, so have had opportunity to listen, read from, discuss and learn from a great group of individuals.

Darryl Propp

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